About Me

So let’s start with the number 15.

I have been problem solving for clients for fifteen years. I have been the graphic
designer, the art director, the photo-retoucher, the preflight specialist, the award
winner, the best boss, the illustrator, the process developer, the creative director,
the client’s advocate, the photographer, the answering service, the brand ambassador,
the video production guy, the customer service lead, the cultivator of talent,
the note taker, the final sign-off, and the ______ of ______ and ______ because
the challenge at hand needed that blank filled. It has been, and continues to be,
awesome. (checking off the keyword box now)
In all honesty, I love what I do. Sure, the clients can be a little nuts, the server can
go down, the presses can break, the site doesn’t load, 50 ft. Kaiju demolish the city,
but all that is just white noise when you are working with someone to achieve
their goals.
I have a track record of success in helping people tell their story to the
right audience.

spectrum. I look forward to each project as an opportunity to work with people to guarantee mutually assured success for our partnership.