In 2013 I didn’t have a beard, and I hadn’t ever helped a University¬† launch a brand campaign. Brand campaigns and re-brands are a little like space exploration. You know you want to go into that dark atmosphere-lacking void over there, but you are going to need a ship that can handle the journey and carry the cargo. I have been fortunate in my experience to have helped to launch a few brands for some large and small retail clients but this was definitely a voyage to another planet compared to those adventures.

While at UNT I got to manage this thing I helped create through this “little” website we built to provide our staff the resources they need to support this effort at UNT. The best part was I got to help people learn how to use it appropriately and provide a little bit of guidance on good design as well. It is the thing I like most about my time at UNT.

You can check out the website here